The Arch

  • Depth until 15 mts
  • Level: begginers

.The Arch offers a rich, recreational seascape. It is an ideal dive site to brush up on your diving techniques or to simply enjoy a pleasant dive. Diving at the Arch is perfect for practicing your diving technique because diving can take place at all levels: from 3 to 15 metres, with a progressive depth gradient. The Arch is also one of the best dive sites in Formentera for initiation dives, as it offers a fascinating dive at shallow depths.

The dive site is termed the Arch after a rock in the form of an underwater bridge. The rock arch lies close to the water’s surface and can be easily swum though at a depth of between 3 to 6 metres.

Because of its shape, the Arch also provides protection for a rich and varied marine flora. As the walls of the arch are populated with a number of marine species, we recommend this dive for those who wish to see sea sponges or false corals. “False coral” is a coral-like species that looks similar to red coral, although it is, in fact, orange, and can often be found in shallow waters. It colonises rocky outcrops, the entrances of cavities, or other sites out of direct sunlight.
The rock arch also attracts many fish species, including saddled seabream and sargos. You may also get a close up of barracudas and groupers.

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EL ARCO 38.723555, 1.388397 EL ARCOFormentera, Islas Baleares, España (Directions)